• Kanger T3s coils

Kanger T3s coils

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Kanger T3s coils

One of the many advantages of using a good quality clearomizer for your vaping is that parts can be readily purchased and fitted when necessary.

This ensures that your clearomizer can last for a long time and allows premium vaping every time you use it.

For owners of a T3 or MT3 clearomiser, this handy pack of five Kanger coils is a superb investment to get your clearomiser working at its best.

Made of premium grade materials and demonstrating an enviable build quality, each coil is engineered to give maximal performance time after time.The coils are easy to fit and their durability means that one should last quite a while once in place.

Signs that coils need replacing include a burnt flavour during inhalation and an unsatisfactory level of e-liquid being vaporised. A new coil will soon get the problem fixed and enable you to enjoy your vaping as usual. Buying a pack of five ensures you’ll always have one to hand when you need it and is cheaper than buying individual coils.

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