Innokin Endura T22 Kit

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Innokin Endura T22E Kit

The Endura T22E Kit From Innokin Black Blue And Stainless.

This is what could be called the big brother of the T18E kit. comes with a larger capacity 2000mah box style battery and the  T22E Prism Tank (2ml capacity tank). When purchasing a new Vapour Cigarette the following needs to be addressed.

How much do I smoke? am I a heavy smoker will the battery last me all day,what about the tank will I have to keep topping it up.. These are the most common a packet of 20 regular cigarettes can lastone smoker 2/3 days even longer then on the other hand one smoker could get through a pack of 20 in half a day.

Well when it comes to the Endura Kit the most ardent of smokers will find the larger battery and bigger tank more than enough to get through the day.As for the lighter smokers this kit is a bonus lasting days without a need to re-charge the battery pack.

Kit Includes

Endura T22 2000mah Battery

T18E  Prism Tank

Spare 1.5ohm coil

Usb charging cable

Instruction Manual

Spare Tips

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