• Hangsen Strawberry Mint E Liquid

Hangsen Strawberry Mint E Liquid

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Hangsen Strawberry Mint

Strawberry Mint E-Liquid is a premium refill liquid for electronic cigarettes.

It delivers on both taste and sensation.Giving you an enjoyable smoke-like vapour that's bursting with flavour.

Hangsen use a slightly higher proportion of PG to VG than average (70 per cent PG to 30 per cent VG, compared with the more typical levels of 60 per cent PG and 40 per cent VG). However, this doesn't translate into a harsher vapour;

The high-quality American PG that they use is very smooth and pure, leaving no aftertaste.

The result is an exceptionally smooth vapour that's still rich, thick and satisfying.

The higher PG content also delivers flavour more intensely. The taste itself is delicious: Hangsen's own sweetening formula plus nature-identical flavours sourced from France recreate the lusciousness of juicy strawberries, topped off with the refreshing tingle of fresh mint.

Hangsen Strawberry Mint E Liquid is available in nicotine concentrations up to 18mg. There's also a lower edition for those who just want a tasty vapour liquid.

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