Is High VG E-Liquid Right For You?

Is a high VG e-liquid right for you?


When e-cigarettes first hit the market, there were very few high VG (vegetable glycerine) e-liquids around, with PG predominant liquid concentration being prevalent. As vaping has become more popular, the demand for high VG e-liquids has grown.


Although every vaper is different, there are advantages to choosing a higher VG e-liquid; however, it also comes down to personal choice. Experimenting with different e-liquids with varying PG and VG ratios is the best way for you to determine which you prefer; however, if you have been contemplating opting for a higher PG liquid, consider the following.


Are you new to vaping?


Vaping has no hard and fast set of rules, but higher PGe-liquid certainly offers new vapers an advantage. PG liquid is a thinner consistency and it works a lot more efficiently on beginner atomisers or e-cigarettes. It also has more of a throat hit, mimicking the feeling of a traditional cigarette and making it ideal for those who are making the swap to e-cigarettes.


Are you a cloud chaser?


One of the biggest plus points of higher VG e-liquid is that it offers increased vape production and is ideally suited to cloud chasing. This can be an essential for experienced vapers and the higher the VG, the better. VG creates billowing clouds, whilst VG liquid tends to create wispy puffs rather than full plumes. If you are keen on entering competition or doing tricks, a high VG liquid is essential.


Is throat hit important?


Throat hit is an essential part of the experience for some vapers, whilst for others this sensation is not really important. E-liquids higher in PG offer a better throat hit and replicate the feeling of smoking, but this can lose its appeal after a while.


Experienced vapers tend to prefer the smoother hit of VG e-liquid and it seems that a smoother throat hit is the long-term preference over that initial punching sensation.


Are you a flavour chaser?


PG is a better carrier of flavour; therefore, if you are looking for an e-liquid that has a more intense taste, you will need to move away from higher ratio VG liquids. VG does have a natural sweet flavour, however, and this can have an impact on how your vape tastes. High VG liquids are better suited to vapers who use their e-cigarettes regularly, whilst high PG liquids are better for those who enjoy vaping as an occasional activity and won’t be hit by flavour fatigue.

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