• Hangsen RY4 E Liquid

Hangsen RY4 E Liquid

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Hangsen RY4 E-Liquid

Hangsen RY4 E-Liquid is a high quality liquid for e-cigarettes.

Its flavour is a beautiful blend of tobacco and caramel, and like all Hangsen's e-liquids it is extracted from natural tobacco leaves.

Unlike synthetic nicotine that is produced in laboratory conditions, Hangsen's e-liquids have a natural and long-lasting flavour. They are safe to use and have gone through strict safety and quality tests.

The Hangsen RY4 is just one of the over 200 flavours in the Hangsen range.

Hangsen's e-liquids have been certified by the TUV in Germany and are free of harmful chemicals, such as Diethylene Glycol (DEG). The thorough safety and quality tests and the natural extraction methods guarantee a consistently high quality and a smooth flavour. The Hangsen RY4 ELiquid comes in two sizes (12 mg and 18 mg), is available in a variety of strengths, and comes with affordable prices when you place your e-liquid order online.

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